Trenton Cable now offers Businesses all ranges of
Internet Speeds.

Business Internet

Businesses can now enjoy virtually unsurpassed voice services – where every voice call is native and does not go through a cloud.  Call quality is prioritized through AT&T’s networks, unlike any other service, hence reliability stays of primary concern enabling business continuity to its highest level.


Trenton Cable’s multi-gigabit backbone supports business community with full network core redundancy – which in most cases is not local.  Local last-mile support is always immediately attended to - while network core redundancy is supported via a 2nd failover layer.   Keeping internet local – enables businesses hop on the internet in the shortest route, with low latency and almost zero packet loss.  Trenton’s network now becomes integral to business reach and hence business success.  Cable Modem and Fiber’s always-on features combined with best-in-class availability can pave business paradigm to new levels.  There is no metering of service, if bandwidth is available during bursts, it can be used.


Trenton Cable has invested heavily into infrastructure purely to trigger and support new business creation within our Trenton Community.   Bringing voice, enabling Video and offering Live TV over the years has proven a local cable company can in fact offer un-tethered services of larger companies.  Whether you begin a business from home or away from home – Trenton is a phone call away to your turn-key needs for voice, data and Video.

business internet